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is located on the Mopan River at the foothills of the Maya Mountains just 7 miles from the massive Mayan site of El Pilar. From the time of contact with the British and Spanish, the area encompassing Bullet Tree Falls continued to be inhabited by the Maya. Over 100 years ago, the community of Bullet Tree was established by indigenous Maya from the greater Peten region of Guatemala as well as refugees from the Caste War in the Yucatan. The early settlers worked as loggers of primarily mahogany, and chicleros, collecting the resin from the sapodilla trees to sell to various firms to make chewing gum (chicle). It is a Spanish speaking village although most know and converse in English as well.

Area Attractions and Activities

El Pilar:

Located just 7 miles from Bullet Tree Falls along the Guatemalan border, El Pilar is a massive Mayan site roughly three times the size of Xunantunich and once home to around 20,000 Maya. It is currently the target of a unique management plan instituted by Dr. Anabel Ford that seeks not only to excavate and preserve the monuments, but also to conserve the forest around it “as a garden”. In addition to educating visitors about the archaeology, this latter effort entails educating visitors about the medicinal and household uses of the plants and thus keeping this knowledge alive.

River Tubing and Medicine Trail:

Explore the river by inner tube, as well as tour a local medicinal trail where you can learn about the plants, their significance and medical uses Tubing down the pristine Mopan River is a popular tourist activity in Bullet Tree Falls

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If your timing is right, you can probably see a couple of keel-billed toucans right at Cohune Palms. Otherwise, all of the plants and the jungle nearby attract all types of birds throughout the day. The paths and quiet roads through the village and along the river also make excellent places for birding.


Football is definitely the favorite sport in the village. Bullet Tree boasts a few great teams that are always finishing in the top three in the Cayo District. Often the village will have an all day round of football games and food for sale to benefit the teams.

"My wife and I had an amazing stay at Cohune Palms. It was a tropical, serene paradise. The booking was smooth with Bevin. Mike was an awesome host. The rooms were comfortable and stylish and the high thatched ceilings were the icing on the cake. The meals on site were perfect and delicious. It's a great location for any thing in the San Ignacio area."

Dave | September 2018

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