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Directions if taking a taxi: Once you get into San Ignacio you can take a taxi to Bullet Tree – they will pass the football field and take a right at the taxi stand and go straight down on the dirt road under the big trees. You will see our sign on the right. If you have any questions on directions while on the road just give Mike a call at 664-7508 (country code is 501).

Directions if driving: When you come in on the Western Highway from Belize City you will enter Santa Elena. Santa Elena is the twin town of San Ignacio. You will see a large green traffic sign that directs you to go right to San Ignacio. This will take you down a hill and across the river. After you cross, stay to the right and you will wind up a hill. The road will be a divided street and is commonly called “Double Street.” There will be a school called Sacred Heart High School and Junior College on your right. Pass this and you will see Bullet Tree Road coming up. Take a right here. You will immediately pass Juan Chuc’s Hardware on the right so if you see this you know you are on the right road.

Follow Bullet Tree Road out approximately 2 miles to Bullet Tree. When you enter the village you will pass a football field on the right – keep going. On the second road after the football field, you will take a right. Just so you know you are going the right way, here you will see the cement road you are on curving down and to the left – don’t go this way. (If you do wind around on this cement road and cross the river you’ve missed the turn.) The road you will be taking the right on will have a taxi stand – a cement seating area with roof and a painted map of Bullet Tree (pictured here), and there will also be a grocery store right across the street from it – this is where you take your right. It’s a dirt road. Continue down the road past the school on the left and down under the big trees, past a cemetery on the left, and you will see the Cohune Palms sign on the right. It sounds confusing but from San Ignacio, it’s just one road out to Bullet Tree and one right turn!!

"Staying at Cohune Palms was incredible. The people were absolutely wonderful and the food was to die for!! Teddy was our tour guide and we had an absolute blast with him and learned so much about the local plants and birds around the Mayan ruins. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for an authentic Belizean experience."

Bridget | January 2019

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Welcome to Bullet Falls Sign

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